The city plans to spend $300 million over the next five years to double its ferry service.
Bronx riders say they occasionally must resort to expensive taxis or, more often, walking to get places on time because the Bx19 either doesn’t come for more than 20 minutes or moves too slowly.
Proscuitto crostini as a boat snack after a long day at the blog factory? Damn, the L train can STAY shut down!
Some of those who attempted to access the exclusive picnic found themselves stranded in Battery Park for hours.
De Blasio unveiled a new Lower East Side route that will connect sea-faring commuters from Long Island City to East 34th Street, Stuyvesant Cove, Corlears Hook and Wall Street .
The expanded ferry service launches most of its routes this summer and will include "adult beverages" and WiFi.
Here's the new landing planned for Red Hook.
The city selected a California-based ferry service as operator, which has New York Water Taxi threatening to shut down its operations.
NYC will spend an initial $55 million to launch the service, followed by $10-20 million annually.
The ferry's one-way weekday price will rise from $2.00 to $3.50. Round-trip weekend fares are $30.
Workers are struggling to save an old Staten Island ferry that's sinking 60 miles north of New York in the Hudson River.
We love Governors Island, but if there is a common complaint for events there it's waiting for the ferry. Here are a few solutions.
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