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"These are not gonna be your father's buses," Cuomo said in announcing the flashy new city buses.

A man named Ferrari has spent the last six years seeking retribution for his ferrari's defilement at the hands of local police.

The world will now be forced to do with one less Ferrari Enzo, after a technician crashed one on Interstate 95 near Stamford, Connecticut.

Bill de Blasio has been mayor for negative three days, and already he's enacting his radical pinko-commie agenda with ruthless efficiency.

A $300,000K late-model Ferrari bearing a police parking placard sat unattended in a No Standing Zone in Lower Manhattan yesterday afternoon.

Strazzullo also wants to upgrade Chabbott's charge of felony assault to first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, and driving while douchey to Operating A Penile Compensatory Vehicle With Extreme Disregard For Innocent Lives.

"She's pretty hot. I'm going to ask her if I can drive the Ferrari."

What kind of gentleman tries to drive away from a cop giving his ferrari a ticket in SoHo? The same kind who has no qualms about running over a cop's foot in the process!