They'll gather at noon.
Weaponized aircraft, bayonets, and grenade launchers are also off the table.
Asked whether police intended to make any arrests, one officer chuckled. "I hope so," he said.
Students are divided about whether this is a good idea.
The couple, along with social media activism organization Help or Hush, hired three food trucks to feed protestors last night.
It's one of the best songs from the new record, and the video is just as good: it's made up of footage from various recent protests from Ferguson over Mike Brown and NYC over Eric Garner.
Cops have reportedly made "several million dollars" in overtime.
Despite the NYPD's efforts to stop them, demonstrators marched through the streets again yesterday. Seven were arrested.
Protesters marched into Macy's and Times Square today in response to the Ferguson verdict earlier this week.
Below, you can watch a 15-minute documentary on the protest, made by Zishun Ning, one of the participants in the #StoptheParade action.
"It's not about a white or black thing, it's about one thing: justice."
Ibanez is charged with assault on a police officer, criminal mischief, obstruction of governmental administration, harassment, and reckless endangerment.
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