Well, this could be a mess.
Stephen Baldwin wasn't able to make headlines for surviving Sandy like brave soldier Alec, but it seems he managed to wedge his way into the news by not paying taxes.
He also claims that "maybe" he was "drunk."
Apparently a 300-pound guy masturbating on a 14-year-old girl half his size in a crowded train car isn't "physical" enough for the the courts.
If stolen items total more than $1,000, then it's a felony.
Also: Mayor Bloomberg was found to be a victim.
Seanna Sharpe and Savage Skinner had their charges officially reduced to misdemeanors.
More on the fate of the Williamsburg Bridge acrobats.
Good to know this bus driver will never drive drunk again.
Flickr user Marc McGowan After a dangerous attack on taxi driver
There are wildly differing accounts of what happened during a fight
via gangchingabz's Flickr As part of a response to increased crime
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