Felix rivera pitre

The protestor he punched got a $55K settlement.
Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona, who violently struck protester Felix Rivera-Pitre in the face for no discernible reason, will meet with City attorneys this week to discuss his legal strategy.
An Occupy Wall Street protester who was sucker-punched by an NYPD officer during a chaotic march in October 2011 has filed a lawsuit against the department and the city.
The protester will not be charged when he meets with the Manhattan DA's office about being punched by Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona.
One organizer said, "This is the first time the D.A is targeted by Occupy Wall Street… We need to hold the police accountable" for their actions against protesters.
However, unlike Bologna's pepper-spraying, Cardona's punch is not currently being investigated by the NYPD's own Internal Affairs Bureau.
Cardona allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat shortly before Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna discharged pepper spray on a corralled group of women in September.
NYPD spokesman Paul Browne claimed that Rivera-Pitre instigated the confrontation by attempting to elbow Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona in the face.
The cop "hit me on the left side of my face. It tore my earring out. I remember seeing my earring on the ground next to me and it was full of blood."
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