When is it okay to put your feet on the seat on the subway? Find out below.
Police are investigating at least seven incidents they believe involved the same suspect in recent months.
Perhaps in our zest to discourage pole hugging, we've neglected to specify that wrapping one's butt or feet around the pole is just as despicable.
Did we really need a study to tell us that heels are the devil's footwear?
Here's a subtle subway faux pas: tipster RC spotted the woman above lounging on the subway with her shoes off yesterday.
According to the FDNY, a man jumped into the tiger den at the Bronx Zoo this afternoon. [Updates Below]
Happy New Year! Now get your damn feet off the seat, kid: a subway conductor has been charged for allegedly punching a teen who wouldn't remove his feet from an R train seat earlier today.
A 7-year-old girl is traumatized after a man allegedly fondled, sniffed and kissed her feet at a library in Astoria.
The Jason Segel-scripted Muppets movie is headed to the big screen, due out this fall, and the first poster has now popped up... which features Muppet feet!
We thought everyone agreed that the alleged foot fetish photos/videos of
Jets coach Rex Ryan faced the press ahead of the Sunday
Is Rex Ryan's wife Michelle a foot fetishist's fantasy? Maybe! And
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