Taxi, black car, and other for-hire vehicle trips to and from the airport could cost $4 extra under a Port Authority plan being considered for next year.
“It’s just appalling that people think they can make money off the pain and suffering of the surviving family members,” said Al Santoro, a retired deputy chief who lost his 23-year-old firefighter son on 9/11.
For the first time in history, Open House New York might be charging a fee for access to the city's most fascinating off-limits sites.
Budget carrier Spirit Airlines has started charging customers $5 for the privilege of printing their boarding passes at the airport.
Facing "a number of daunting, ongoing budgetary challenges," the Metropolitan Museum of Art is raising its suggested admission fee, but will anyone pay up?
Flickr user Pabo76 It was recently reported that elderly members of
The "Wedding Garden" at the Queens Botanical Garden (Flickr user wallyg
The town of Bridgewater, NJ went to great lengths to prove
Photo via Daniella Zalcman's flickr For the first time since the
Another year, another new fee that may drive productions filmed in
BicyclesOnly's Flickr In addition to the Bicycle Access to Buildings Law,
Photograph of Plastic Bag Monster from New York Daily Photo on
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