Federal prosecutors unsealed the indictment Tuesday.
Officials say the drugs could have caused up to 7 million overdoses.
The low-cost carrier's owner has informed the city that he's not planning on relaunching service.
14 individuals who were allegedly involved with the ring have been arrested, including a 27-year-old man from New Jersey and a 30-year-old immigration activist from Brooklyn.
If you're going to send someone cocaine, you might as well send some beer, too.
The FBI also busted nearly 50 pimps and associates believed to have been involved in an underage sex trafficking operation.
It's been a long, hard road for some of the city's subway lines since Hurricane Sandy.
Fung Wah had its license revoked after feds discovered some serious problems with the majority of the buses in its fleet.
"A makeshift assembly line had been set up on a table, complete with kilo presses and multiple buckets containing grinders, sifters and other paraphernalia."
The blowback from Wednesday's OWS-affiliated Fare Strike—in which people chained open subway entrances in roughly 20 stations—has begun. We obtained an email from an MTA union rep that says the FBI is questioning workers.
Mere months after 35 pounds of cocaine were accidentally dropped off at the U.N. the feds intercepted two packages on their way to the offices of St. Martin's Press containing 11 pounds of pot!
An undercover FBI agent allegedly approached the fund raiser, interested in donating three times more than the allowed amount, and the fund raiser offered to organize straw donors.
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