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Yet these millions of dollars don't even represent the full amount of issued fines.

On Monday, the Department of Transportation demanded the unmanned vehicles roll themselves out of town—or risk a possible municipal robo-hunt.

LaGuardia has robocops, the Navy Yard has robot cars, and now the posh streets of Soho are getting their very own robo-couriers.

The incident, which happened on Monday in Bay Ridge, was captured on a home surveillance camera, which you can see below.

Christie is doing whatever he can to get his message to the people, even if it means that message is a strangled metaphor about treating immigrants like FedEx packages.

The suspects weren't wearing any FedEx clothing or logos.

"We had our peak projections, and the volume has exceeded our projection. We are sorry."

"It read so much like just a cheap shot at some regular working people."

The security guard who was caught on video helping a FedEx worker chuck boxes into the back of a truck has been fired, too. Who's to blame?

"I want you to know that this situation is completely unacceptable to us and this driver is no longer working for FedEx."