Federal hall

Federal Hall Memorial National Historic Site isn't just the place where Bane made his last stand against the Batman.
Works from 28 contemporary artists are spread throughout the historic building on Wall Street, including a number of highly Instagram-worthy sculptures in the grand rotunda.
This year, we have a presidential election, which makes it the perfect time for the Associate Press to share its photographs of presidents at Federal Hall.
By 7:30 p.m., the barricades were removed, and the protesters, tourists, and passersby were allowed to walk freely in front of Federal Hall. By 8:30, there were around 70 NYPD officers watching roughly 40 protesters.
Although the NYPD barricaded the streets around Federal Hall and told Occupy Wall Street protesters they would be arrested, a small number are being allowed to stay in their "First Amendment Rights Area."
Aw, how sweet of the National Park Service to set up a little "First Amendment Rights Area" on the steps of Federal Hall!
Police and irate Wall Street residents tangled with a crowd of Occupy Wall Street protesters who gathered at Federal Hall yesterday, during a prolonged standoff with the NYPD and US Parks police.
While the folks in DC have the real front row seat to
Photograph of Senator John McCain at Federal Hall in lower Manhattan
Given the presidential candidates' interest in a series of town hall-style
Reader Bill Leahy recently scanned a number of slides that his
That look on the faces of former Mayors David Dinkins and
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