Federal funding

"We need to put a human face on what these cuts mean."
"With so much uncertainty from Washington, the debate on whether or not to build on public housing land as a revenue source should be over."
"The direction we're moving in is one where public housing is drastically different or doesn't exist."
Or if he REALLY got his way, a half million fewer residents.
The Blizzard on Staten Island (Flickr user GayleAlstrom Yesterday, President Obama
Early this morning the House of Representatives approved $60 billion in cuts
(via Burnt Pixel's flickr) It isn't just New York that is
Chris Christie really doesn't want to give back that $271 million in
MTA Earlier in the week, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie kiboshed
Flickr user Matt Carman When we last left off with the
Riverdale Temple Two Riverdale synagogues targeted in a bombing plot last
The Colbert Report offered this "visualization" of a Williamsburg resident to
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