"They'll come back when we're wholly satisfied that we've found a safe way to do that."
Dating checks with just a 20 instead of 2020? Might as well tape a sign to your back that says "DEFRAUD ME PLZ"
'I just swam for my life right there, just dreading the moment the shark was gonna pull me in and suck me in.'
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who's just a little freaked out about this creepy clown phenomenon.
What everyday situations trigger the most anxiety and dread in the hearts of New Yorkers?
Here's how to make all this ice your bitch.
Take cover, ice is falling everywhere.
"I have many, many friends who are Muslim, and they're great people," said Donald Trump.
Penn State has put a moratorium on recreational class trips to New York City and Washington D.C., since both cities are, in the eyes of the university, highly volatile targets of inevitable terrorism.
One day the flying manhole cover will come for you. It will come for us all.
Same goes for Quooklyn. And yet.
Nickel-size hail, gusting winds, and strong thunderstorms may be headed our way...
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