Fdr drive

Daiki apparently broke free from her leash and dashed out onto the busy six lane FDR Drive.
25-year-old Garman Chan reportedly had a history of violations for speeding.
Two pedestrians were killed by hit-and-run drivers in separate incidents in the Bronx and Manhattan today.
A man hit two police cars and tried to get away by jumping off the bridge.
The chase started on the Upper East Side, when the driver was stopped for an apparent tinted window violation.
An NYPD officer fired a shot while responding to a disturbance reported on FDR Drive and 23rd Street early this morning, police said.
The truck was cut open like a taunton facing the hot blade of a lightsaber on the ice planet Hoth.
Nine people were injured Monday when a city bus swerved off the road and into a pillar beneath the FDR Drive.
The NYPD says a driver in front of a police convoy stopped abruptly.
We know exactly how these esplanade deals come together: cigars, back room trades, and little hookers giving little blowjobs.
The FDR Drive at East 61st Street has a height restriction of 9'6".
Clean-up will take a while, and it's unclear when power or the subways will be back (4-5 days, maybe?). This is the time for the city to be patient and come together.
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