'We have a Democratic Senate, a Democratic Assembly, now is the time to make these changes.'
Just what we need, one more car on the road.
Closures in both directions, many nights, between 61st and 96th.
Revisiting Track 61, one of the best time capsules hiding out beneath Manhattan.
An unauthorized tractor-trailer crashed into an overpass on the FDR this morning.
The cyclist "looked spooked," which seems reasonable: The speed limit on the FDR is 40 mph.
Water levels continue to rise on the East River, with the FDR now completely submerged on the Upper East Side.
Below, you can watch the trailer for the upcoming film "Hyde Park On The Hudson," which stars Bill Murray as President Franklin Delano Romanowski Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The only motorist on Earth who knows how to drive has sustained a shattering blow to his reputation.
In which we finally get to see the famous secret train platform beneath the Waldorf-Astoria, also known as Track 61, and used by the likes of FDR.
A helicopter is down near the FDR Drive at 34th Street and the East River. All five passengers have been extracted, four are injured, the fifth's condition unknown.
The Cadillac was stuck on the FDR Expressway at 116th Street carrying two men who were clearly on their way to some VERY IMPORTANT business at 10 a.m. this morning.
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