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Until recently, people vaccinated overseas and anyone given shots authorized outside the U.S. weren’t eligible to get boosters — even if they were high risk.

"We have about 1,400 children just in our practice that will become eligible. If you imagine a third of that population calling us Monday to schedule the appointment as soon as possible, then you understand."

The Pfizer vaccine for young children cleared its first FDA vote Tuesday, so elementary school-aged kids could become eligible as soon as next week.

Waning immunity and the delta variant make the booster a good idea for some people.

A federal ban on tobacco could avert 633,000 deaths, a third among African Americans. Critics say it could increase policing in communities of color.

Among the 15 companies who received warning letters was Bella Rose Labs, which operates out of Brooklyn.

Deshi Distributors has identified allergen contamination in its golden raisins.

The CDC and FDA warn that ground, raw Jensen Tuna has been recalled over Salmonella contamination.

All romaine NOT from California's Central Coast growing region cleared for consumption.

Juul deleted its Instagram and Facebook accounts, and will pull flavored pods from retail stores.