"Hey this is Vanessa from the dealer service --" *click*
“We encourage New York City families to take advantage of this critical resource,” a Department of Education official said.
Great to see the system working.
Among the stations that have spent the past year dealing with Sinclair's apparent duplicity is New York's own WPIX.
One victim said his ringless voicemail was from a telemarketer trying to sell telemarketing systems.
A third of the city's households still don't have access to Fios, despite a promise made under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
"In light of the need to respond in real time to terror threats, we can't afford to have an emergency wireless response system that is stuck in the 90's."
A recent report from the Center for Economic Opportunity found that 22% of households in New York don't have internet access.
Live from New York, it's outrage.
We have now entered a public comment period.
The FCC chairman was once a lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry.
Say goodbye to the Mom-and-Pop shops, because your web browser is on its way to becoming a Walmart.
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