Deaths are projected to rise to 378,000 by January.
The latest confirmed case was a child in Westchester County.
"We want the public to hold us accountable to the changes we have to make."
The train's operator, William Rockefeller, told investigators that the brakes didn't work when he neared the curve.
Multiple people were reportedly killed and injured after a Metro-North train in the Bronx derailed this morning. [Updates Below]
Ten people have died in NYC so far as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Here's a preliminary list of the various causes of death, which include drowning, electrocution, and falling trees.
It's believed the victims were thrown from the car.
The Tri-State Transportation Campaign released a report today of the most dangerous pedestrian roads in the area. You may be surprised, that Queens Boulevard is relatively safe.
The number of injuries and deaths caused by wearing headphones while walking has TRIPLED since 2004.
A neighbor said, "There were flames coming out of the first-, second- and third-floor windows. The entire house was engulfed in flames."
The NYPD spokesperson tells us that no criminality is suspected, and the investigation is ongoing.
The driver of the bus that overturned crashed into a highway sign
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