Fatal subway shove

"My mind was just racing that day. I was mad. I was just angry. I was homeless. I was hungry... He came running up the stairs, and I just got up and pushed him."
"She television, and she lashed out at the officer," said a NYC Correction Department spokesman. "She pulled the officer’s hair and, in the process, hit her face."
A former boyfriend said that Menendez has long hated Muslims: "She would say, 'I can't stand being around these people...I kept telling her you can't blame every person you see."
A man who was attacked by the suspect in 2003 said that she "started clawing me in the face. I was trying to get away from her... There was blood on my face, my chest and my neck."
In a jailhouse interview, Davis said he was stoned at the time of the confrontation, insisted that he never meant to kill Han, and added was haunted by voices in his head.
Davis pleaded not guilty to shoving Ki-Suck Han onto the subway tracks at the 49th Street station. As he was leaving court, Davis went one further, telling reporters: "He attacked me first. He grabbed me."
The victim's daughter remembered him, "He really enforced my education, and he was always there for me."
"The victim was so far away from me," Abbasi wrote in a first person piece. "The train hit the man before I could get to him, and nobody closer tried to pull him out."
Naeem Davis reportedly admitted that he and victim bumped into each other at the platform, which led Davis to pushing him away and screaming, “Motherf-----, get out of my face.”
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