Fatal police shooting

When a law enforcement approach is used on someone in a mental health crisis, advocates think the result is inevitable.
It's the second deadly police shooting this week.
'I feel strongly that my brother should still be alive — the officer should still be alive.'
The most recent call was earlier this month.
"It's an epidemic, police shooting people, especially black people."
"This is something that happens. It's a big city," a police official said.
Officials say the police sergeant was armed with a Taser he did not use.
He was deemed a flight risk.
Officers responding to an armed robbery 911 call were allegedly fired upon before fatally shooting the suspect Sunday morning.
'There were like 75 cops here and a bunch ran toward the subway after the guy.'
The suspect put the knife down—but then grabbed it again and apparently lunged at police.
The cop's head was fractured.
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