Fatal fire

The Sunday afternoon blaze also claimed the life of a FDNY firefighter and injured nine others, including one civilian.
It's believed the men were squatters in the vacant building.
The 63-year-old homeowner used a wheelchair and was trapped in the burning house.
The fire destroyed the entire apartment.
The crash occurred on the Brooklyn side.
Over 130 firefighters worked for three hours to put out an apartment fire in Cypress Hills last night.
One man was rescued from the burning building after a firefighter was lowered from above.
Their mother was apparently across the street, doing laundry.
The mother reportedly skipped work and was out with her boyfriend.
The mother was apparently working a shift as a stripper when the fire occurred.
Nearby residents say they heard an explosion before the deadly blaze.
The fire is apparently accidental, caused by an overloaded outlet or power strip.
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