Fatal crash

25-year-old Garman Chan reportedly had a history of violations for speeding.
The incident happened around 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday at Ocean Avenue and Avenue L in Midwood.
Kessler, who was engaged to be married, had been on the force for nine months.
The driver allegedly tried to flee the scene of the crash, running away with his dog.
A Brooklyn resident was killed when the driver apparently slammed into her car so fast that it overturned and caught fire.
Ruthie Ann Miles was severely injured in the March 5 incident.
"This tragedy could have all been prevented if this company took precautions by looking into who they were hiring," said the victim of the 2015 DUI.
The passenger of the car in the July 19th crash recently died from injuries sustained in the collision.
Neftaly Ramirez, 27, was fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver while cycling home from work early Saturday morning.
A witness thought the driver was going 60-70 mph.
The impact split the car in half.
To date, the city has not responded with a crackdown plan.
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