Mohammed Rizwan was shot in the chest while answering the front door.
Another teenager is in critical condition, according to police.
The crash occurred on the Cross Bronx Expressway, near the George Washington Bridge On-Ramp.
She was reportedly on the phone with her husband when she was fatally struck.
At the NYCHA-run Pink Houses.
A civilian complaint from May alleged that the barrier wall was not stable.
Three NYPD officers died yesterday, in unrelated incidents.
The incident occurred at the 50th Street 1 station just before 3 p.m
Two women were shot in East Flatbush this morning, and cops say the shooter was one of the victims' 70-year-old brother.
"It stretches belief to think that they would consciously disregard the danger and go to sleep, much less that they would disregard any danger to the Badger children or Mrs. Badger's parents."
“Two boys were fighting. The other boy didn’t want to fight so one of them pulled out a gun,” a witness said. [Update] Check out video of the 8-year-old being shot below.
For the third time in a week an NYPD officer has shot and kiled a suspect. Yesterday an unidentified officer killed 18-year-old Ramarley Graham with a single bullet to the chest.
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