Fat people

At this point, we don't need a "Nanny," we need a friggin drill sergeant.
The company first experimented with the Foodie Blog Payola of advertising in 2010, when a group of 15 mom-bloggers were flown on an all-expenses-paid trip to Chicago to see the company's HQ.
America must adapt to suit its most corpulent citizens, even those in stripes.
For all those worried about the deficit and government spending, the Lancet notes that "medical costs associated with treatment of these preventable diseases are estimated to increase by $48-66 billion/year in the USA."
A researcher breaks down how the food industry plies doctors away from sound science, with "$5,000 to go speak to this meeting or that meeting.They'll fly you on business class tickets to exotic places."
The long legal saga of the 300-pound Mets fan who fell
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