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Crews will be working overnight to clean tracks, paint stations and generally try to make the subway a better place to be.

The repairs and maintenance will happen between July 10th and 14th and July 17th and 21st.

J stops in lower Manhattan will be closed late nights for two weeks of repair work.

On the bright side, FASTRACK on the 4,5 has been canceled.

Sorry, little guy. One day, ONE DAY, you'll get your chance to shine.

There will be no overnight service between Broadway-Lafayette Street and York Street.

Not that anyone needs to be reminded that the G is where dreams of traveling from one place to another go to die.

Hard to believe but the MTA's "Fastrack" program isn't even a year old. Still, in 2013 it is going to get a lot bigger.

It's the return of everyone's favorite nighttime weekday subway repair program—FASTRACK will hit the 4/5/6 lines this week.