Fast casual

The new 14th Street restaurant will still delivery to much of Manhattan, but customers can also order head and pickup, or drop in themselves and place an order.
The Sosta is a new fast casual pasta place opening in Nolita.
The oblong-shaped pies cook in under two minutes and diners have the option for unlimited toppings.
They'll mainly be offering salads and the power bowls that show no sign of slowing.
Unlike a meal at their schmancy tasting menu spot—which hovers just below $300 per person these days—the new eatery will offer meals in the $10 to $15 range.
With restaurant margins tight and the economy still shaky, now even regular old fast-casual spots are trying to learn to better service their customers.
Chipotle expects this year to serve more than 10 million pounds of locally sourced food, double what it served last year.
Through July 25th Red Lobster will let you buy a four-course dinner for $15.
A Times article on the popularity of “fast-casual” restaurants continues to cause
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