Fashion week

'I believe we're a field of energy dancing for itself,' Carrey said, adding, 'And, uh, I don't care.'
Yes, it's Fashion Week again.
It's at Pier 16—and you can buy clothes, too, duh.
"The dream that I've had to be the woman that I am... here I am."
Fashion Week is on the move, again.
A look at what The Fashionable people wear in the winter.
One designer kicked Fashion Week off a bit early on the underground mass transit runway we call the subway.
Leave Nori alone, though.
Don't worry, fashion friends, PETA will find you wherever you are.
Kimmel proved once and for all that if you put a camera in people's faces, they will pretend they know about an Antonin Scalia fashion line.
35 photos from outside of the shows at Lincoln Center.
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