Walk through "the groundbreaking history and legacy of the House of Dior."
The pieces are organized into twelve sections based on emotional qualities: Nostalgia, Belonging, Delight, Joy, Wonder, Affinity, Confidence, Strength, Desire, Assurance, Comfort, and Consciousness.
The Costume Institute exhibit is, funnily enough, centered around time.
In December 2018, a civil rights attorney noticed products with "Sambo-like imagery" at their Soho store.
The theme is...time?
In this week's installment of Summer Sucks, we're talking about caftans, the perfect summer outfit.
Prada has agreed to set up an advisory council to address issues of 'diversity, inclusion and culture.'
A Prada storefront in Soho removed a controversial display on Friday morning amid mounting outrage that the merchandise featured "racist and denigrating blackface imagery."
"My look is raccoon couture: Everything I'm wearing is castoffs and scraps and remnants, just little bits and pieces that I've come across."
Speculation continues about what could have prompted Spade's death.
There are 40 items from the Vatican and 150 ensembles from 20th and 21st century fashion designers.
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