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Dapper Dan, a fashion icon whose brand-logo designs during the 1980s caught on among hip-hop stars, says he felt inspired to remove the stigma surrounding hoodies.

It’s impossible to keep up with everything happening in New York City arts and culture, but here are some recommendations for events you shouldn’t miss during the week ahead.

A "multi-hyphenate" creator who died of a rare cancer in November 2021, Abloh was known best for bringing a streetwear sensibility into the high-fashion realm.

Walk through "the groundbreaking history and legacy of the House of Dior."

The pieces are organized into twelve sections based on emotional qualities: Nostalgia, Belonging, Delight, Joy, Wonder, Affinity, Confidence, Strength, Desire, Assurance, Comfort, and Consciousness.

The Costume Institute exhibit is, funnily enough, centered around time.

In December 2018, a civil rights attorney noticed products with "Sambo-like imagery" at their Soho store.

In this week's installment of Summer Sucks, we're talking about caftans, the perfect summer outfit.