Farragut houses

"We don't want any galloping knights coming in here and trying to change the image," said Benjamin Greene, PS 307 PTA Co-President.
The shooting took place outside of the Farragut Houses in DUMBO.
"I think people need to get it out of their heads that a successful school is a white school."
"We're now the undesirables, but we were here before. It's almost like we came into their space."
"We do not reach diversity by playing like everything is alright."
"This is a difficult process, and we don't do it well in NYC. We're the most segregated school system in the country."
Police began investigating drug sale activity after complaints about gang violence in the area.
What was supposed to be a night of drinking, TV-watching, and "hanging out" turned deadly Friday night for Vinegar Hill resident Marcquel McDuffy, whose buddy allegedly stabbed him to death.
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