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Masked home invaders took advantage of Halloween by taking a Long Island family captive and robbing their home on Friday.

"She’s dead because he had a mental illness, and we didn’t know how serious it was."

"One guy was tapping her head with his foot to see it was real...Some houses around there have pretty elaborate Halloween displays, so it wouldn’t have been weird if it was fake."

Police say there's a link between the man killed by the train and the beheaded woman.

And for your embarrassing sexual harassment update lawsuit of the day we turn to Farmingdale.

"Police said the man then began to touch the feet of the 16-year-old -- and held on when she tried to pull away."

A new form of half pizza slinger/half opera singer has been discovered in NY. Watch the majestic creature in its natural environment below.

The first day of summer session at SUNY Farmingdale saw a