That’s the equivalent of 12 $2.75 rides, so the savings kicks in for OMNY users who use the subway 13 times or more during the seven-day period.
Behold, your new MetroCard math, and the truth about your 30-day MetroCard (it's really more like a 29.5 day MetroCard).
"The whole fare thing is sort of like the Rubik's Cube."
And they're threatening to organize a strike.
"Uber completely don't care about you and your living."
Taxi drivers are not pleased.
The MTA tweeted today that select subway lines will be free on Tuesday to commemorate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.
Jones began his business model ten years ago after finding a jackpot MetroCard in Grand Central.
In the future cabs NYC taxis could have just two statuses: on- or off-duty.
Are you a Zone A or Far Rockaways resident who needs to leave? You won't have to pay fares or tolls! Evacuating is so awesome!
@[phil h]'s Flickr The Great Taxi Scandal rages on! The number
"Uncompensated" MTA board members are not the only ones benefiting from a
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