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'There’s a lot of Scylla and Charybdis dancing we're doing these days.'

Larry Schwartz, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s appointee to the board and his former chief of staff, has revealed that he plans to introduce a third option that the public has not yet seen.

During a board meeting on Wednesday, Lhota warned that 'significant' budget gaps in the coming years could force the authority to institute unplanned fare hikes.

The budget-strapped agency announced it is pushing for a 4 percent across-the-board increase on fares and tolls.

"‎Yesterday's mention of a potential 15% fare and toll increase was a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question."

The MTA might be getting flack for hiking fares, but at least they're trying to be servicey about it.

You have three days to take advantage of $2.50 subway rides before funneling all your quarters into the mouth of the Public Transportation Beast.

[Update] The MTA has approved our 2015 fare hikes.