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Ridership is still down about 50% across its divisions, and while there will be no fare hikes for six months, all bets are off after that.

"We anticipate that there will be no fare hikes for the MTA," Gov. Hochul said.

The agency says it’ll hold the line on subway, bus and commuter rail fares in 2021.

The agency is hoping for another $8 billion in funding from the Biden administration and the Democratic-led House and Senate.

Behold, your new MetroCard math, and the truth about your 30-day MetroCard (it's really more like a 29.5 day MetroCard).

Despite Governor Andrew Cuomo's campaign pledge not to hike rates until the subway got its act together... your MetroCard is about to cost you more money.

The MTA board voted on Wednesday to once again increase fares, raising the weekly MetroCard price to $33 and bringing a monthly pass to $127, up from $121.

'There’s a lot of Scylla and Charybdis dancing we're doing these days.'

It is the MTA board's job to deal with the subway's problems. Will fare hikes solve any of them?