Fare beaters

Criminal justice advocates are sounding the alarm about a proposed crackdown on bad subway behavior.
While the MTA claims they are drafting a "comprehensive and citywide" plan to target fare beaters, they're discussing whether to ask the NYPD to conduct more stings and tighten enforcement.
A 26-year-old Virginia man was arrested yesterday at the 42nd Street A/C/E subway station after two police officers noticed him walking through the exit gate and skipping the fare—with drugs, and a gun.
"I tried to convince him, hold on I will help you out," the mechanic said. "He thought I was going to get a key but that was never in my mind."
Cheating the MTA is a gateway to a life of inequity and sorrow, or so implies the Daily News' Pete Donahue, who interviewed a 17-year-old freeloader.
Commissioner Ray Kelly reacted to yesterday's news that subway fare-beating is the most cost-effective way to commute by calling for lawmakers to raise the MTA's current $100 fine.
If they're fined $100 every 6-13 weeks, that means the scofflaw is saving $62 based on the price of a weekly farecard. And that was in 2009 dollars!
While the report noted that some people are unaware of the height restrictions, some beat the fare because they can.
Flickr user animalvegetable The fare-beaters really outdid themselves in 2010. They
Ah, the NYC bus system, so forgiving of those who don't have
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