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Despite dire reports this week, the MTA insists there are no plans to permanently stop accepting cash transactions at subway booths, which has been on pause since March 2020—but there also is no plan to bring them back.

But would Long Islanders drive into Queens to cheat the system?

Photograph by newhannibal112 on Flickr A man is in the hospital

$6023.00 cab fare, by Amrit Singh Yellow cab fleet owners would

A cab driver was "slugged" and robbed after he—gasp—asked his fares

NYC pole dancers on Miami train One young Brooklynite over at

Excellent Car Service driver Cesar Santos was fatally shot by a

from Idle Type's flickr The far-reaching MTA service cuts approved yesterday

Flickr user bitchcakesny We already knew that subway fare evasion citations

by Philip Dembinski Adding to yesterday's report that fare beaters in