Tourists and New Yorkers alike wondered why there were protesters lined up outside the park. I explained that they were just fans for the K-pop band BTS.
"I think he did a lot in eight days, more than any president did in eight years."
"The doctors said it was consistent with a major stroke."
Mr. Met should be renamed Mr. NYC.
This is the true story...of one billionaire troll...who inherited his daddy's basketball organization...and worked hard to create the laughingstock of the find out what happens...when trolls stop being polite...and start getting real.
"I'll bet you are negative force in everyone who comes in contact with you. You most likely have made your family miserable. Alcoholic maybe."
Because of the coronation of Phil, frustrated Knicks fans changed their protest strategy from "stop abusing the Knicks, James Dolan" to "let Phil do his job." You can see how that turned out below.
Some Knicks fans are channeling their depression into an event that will at least get them feeling something again: protesting the powers-that-be at MSG.
The Mets invited sleepy fans to Citi Field for their first ever giant slumber party last night, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Met.
Truly, this is the greatest stumblin' caught on video since Paul Rudd and Andy Samberg conjured up a mini-harmonica playing Paul McCartney.
We all just want one chance at being a winner, kid. We all do.
The FBI has released a 128-page file on Whitney Houston, documenting in part one crazed fan's threats.
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