False arrest

In addition to the first mention of Gothamist, the D.C. brief contains the first appearance of the phrase "epic rager" in Supreme Court history.
Prosecutors had sought six months jail and five years probation.
"It's a party, it's a party, it's a party, hey!" an officer seems to say in a secretly made recording following the arrest.
Port Authority police officers were found to be making false public lewdness arrests based on specious urinal observations nearly 15 years ago.
They found him guilty of three misdemeanors and four felonies, carrying maximum sentences that total 11 years in prison.
Police arrested him for marijuana possession, but the charges were later dismissed.
The charge was later dropped. The man is now suing.
Cops arrested him for having the gumption to hold up a camera-phone in their direction. He's now filed a lawsuit in federal court.
Prosecutors had asked for two months prison time.
He refused to give ID, but that alone isn't a crime.
"It is not against the law to voice outrage after almost being struck by a vehicle."
The cop wrote that the man lunged and swung at him. Video shows he didn't.
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