Fake weed

Only the sale, not possession (for now).
It turns out that the lesson bestowed upon the city's press corps was not about the dangers of synthetic weed, as we were led to believe, but the dangers of PCP.
Officials say fake weed has sent hundreds of New Yorkers to the hospital this year.
It is not immediately clear how they acquired the K2 in the first place.
Officials say over 1,900 New Yorkers went to the hospital in April through June after smoking fake weed.
Synthetic marijuana was banned in 2012.
Fifteen people were hospitalized in three days.
Governor Cuomo announced that the Department of Health will be ramping up its crackdown on bath salts and other synthetic drugs even more, making it a violation to sell, distribute or possess them.
After a week of tabloid terrorizing, Governor Cuomo has pushed the State Health Department to ban synthetic marijuana sales. Starting, oh, about now.
The Daily News continues its war on fake pot, today by pushing the story that Senator Rand Paul has "blood on his hands" because he has blocked a bill to ban the stuff.
Synthetic weed's demonization in the media continues! Already despised by Senator Schumer and blamed for everything from teen suicides to hospital visits, the totally legal "incense" today gets the front page tabloid treatment.
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