Fake news

The T-shirt has been removed from the store. Unless this article itself is fake news and it's still on sale? YOU NEVER KNOW #PIZZAGATE.
America Progress Now is illegally meme-ing Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to dupe liberals into voting third party.
The CJR highlights not only the pervasive nature of fake news stories, but also the difficulty most Americans have telling the difference between fact and fiction.
Our own investigation into the alleged shortage suggests that New Yorkers need not fear a return to life without milk made from raw oats.
Everything is wonderful as a matter of fact, the president strongly believes stronger and safer and of course he intends to do that, what you said is simply not true.
Executive Order: Everything negative about President Bannon is fake.
We got screenshots of these 100% authentic Real Donald Trump tweets about the Harlem deer which we certainly did not just make up, how dare you.
"Our audience does not trust the mainstream media."
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