Hakan Yalincak had promised NYU $21 million, and the school was going to name a building after his family.
Ozarowski reportedly claimed she had stage two ovarian cancer and stomach cancer, but really, prosecutors say, she was just a heroin addict.
It's like "How To Dodge Regulators" 101.
"This defendant perpetrated an absolutely despicable scam," said Suffolk DA Thomas Spota. "There was no cancer, no chemotherapy, no radiation, and no medical bills. There was just heroin."
Friends raised money for her and organized meals to be dropped off at her home.
Hollywood just brought the 7 train to 57th Street and 10th Avenue. Oh, HOLLYWOOD.
[Update Below] Sometimes wacky advertising turns out to be TOO wacky: it seems that Ethel's Brew and its creator, Ethel Goldschmidt, are completely made up parts of an advertising campaign.
Can you believe this is still happening? For the 26th year
The California blonde accused of fraud was in New York City
Lady Catarina Pietra Toumei and attorney arrive at the federal courthouse
A few years ago artist John Chamberlain and former Warhol assistant
Forget those mint-scented garbage bags that keep away rats, those aren't
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