Fairway market

There's a $70 million stalking horse offer for five stores from Village Super Market.
Sources told the NY Post the supermarket chain was looking to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
An email recently received by a Fairway shopper using its cashierless mobile app recently went into unexpected and disturbing depth as to why New Yorkers can’t be trusted to adhere to an honor policy.
Earlier this month, the company's CEO said everything was fine!
It seems like pizza, hot dogs, and bagels get all the love when talking about iconic New York food. But let's not forget the humble cheesecake.
Apparently the pair had been fighting in the warehouse.
It will be down the street from the Whole Foods.
He walked out with eight 12-packs.
This will be the chain's fifth Manhattan location.
New data shows that on December 6th, an inspector noted at the UWS Whole Foods: "Two old, decayed rat carcasses are present on the floor along the walls in the loading dock area."
A&P put the supermarket chain up for sale last September, but hasn't said whether there's been interest.
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