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Labor groups representing home health aides said New York state maintains policies that make workers “extremely vulnerable to occupational injuries” and wage theft.

EMS union leaders say turnover within the agency, due to a combination of stress and inadequate pay, contributes to a loss of expertise and periodic understaffing.

If successful, the measure would end a practice in which New York home care workers are assigned to 24-hour shifts and paid for just 13 hours of their time.

Grassroots labor advocates claim that if 1199SEIU home care workers got all the money they were owed, it would total $5 billion to $6 billion, putting staffing agencies out of business. The agencies say they'd need state help to pay the back wages.

The award is the result of years of arbitration between health care union 1199SEIU and home care agencies – but some labor organizers say it isn’t enough money to pay back wages.

Women apparently do get paid less, because they decide to have kids, according to studies.