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Shannon Cocozza was making a left turn when she struck a one-year-old and the baby's mother.

A state appeals court has ruled that a critical portion of the Right of Way Law, which made failure to yield to pedestrians or cyclists a misdemeanor offense, is constitutional.

An elderly Brooklyn man was killed by a driver in a Bushwick crosswalk this weekend, according to authorities.

Witnesses reported that the cab driver dragged the woman up Third Avenue before finally stopping.

Kyung H Hyun, a 59-year-old Syosset, Long Island resident, was arrested on Wednesday.

This man has HAD IT with reckless NYC drivers, and he's going after them one by one.

"I need the help of everyone right now to rest my daughter," Frederique Rowe wrote on the crowdfunding page.

The NYPD has changed its story about a Midwood traffic collision that left a pedestrian with four broken ribs and a broken leg.

Video of the collision shows the driver turning directly into the woman, who was in the crosswalk and appeared to have the right of way.