“We will move the books to another location in the library and provide regular updates to the community.”
For one straphanger, 2017 has started with a thud.
This life-risking activity is even more imbecilic when it fails spectacularly.
This ad will be here FOREVER.
Jason Kidd isn't just transparently clumsy with his sodas—he's also transparently clumsy with his attempts at power grabs.
The Nets' mascot the Brooklyn Knight officially dropped off our creepy list thanks to what has to be one of the worst attempts at dunking in the history of professional mascots.
A person Tweeted, "Now it's a HalfaBus." Not really, but LOL.
Chalk one up for the unconnected nobodies.
MandibleClaw has released a preview of their subway skateboarding video and as you can see below, no one quite makes it over the tracks the first time.
The all-pervasive universal life force that is Gmail has failed us this morning.
There's no easy way to tell you this: Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath has cancelled his October nostalgia rock cruise.
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