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A federal appeals court ruled that Madison Square Garden could continue to bar Larry Hutcher from entering the arena, as long as he’s compensated for his tickets.

"Facial recognition technology, especially Clearview AI, poses a direct threat to New Yorkers’ basic privacy and civil rights,” public defender Diane Akerman said.

Currently, the department’s Patrol Guide allows police to run facial recognition searches on anyone suspected of a crime or anyone who may have witnessed a crime.

Robert Nelson, the president of Nelson Management Group, delivered the news himself during a tenants town hall on Tuesday.

A report revealed that NYPD detectives used an image of Woody Harrelson to help catch a serial beer thief.

The move to regulate facial recognition arises out of mounting privacy and civil liberty concerns, and the technology's emergence in New York City residential buildings.

A group of Brooklyn tenants have filed a formal complaint with the state against a landlord trying to install a facial recognition system, potentially setting off a legal and ethical debate about the increasing use of keyless entry systems.