F train

The move followed a lawsuit by the Transport Workers Union, which was fighting to keep its members’ shifts.
The MTA's plans will affect plans for the Mermaid Parade, the Brooklyn Half Marathon, and celebrations for the Wonder Wheel's 100th birthday.
The long-expected news was confirmed on Wednesday by an MTA spokesperson, who said that repairs will begin on the tube used by the F train starting early next year.
'It was sad and gross at the same time,' one shark witness recalled.
Emergency personnel are responding to reports of a lit firework that was tossed on an F train in Manhattan on Friday morning.
Damn you Hal's New York Seltzer Water!!
Primal scream therapy is said to be very effective for people experiencing repressed anger or frustration.
The F also made this messy on the A and C lines.
We were so close to getting through this week without a massive subway close, and yet so far.
Is this the MTA giving New Yorkers an implicit signal that dogs belong on the subway? I and my stoic mosaic friends choose to believe.
The violence was apparently sparked from bumping into another passenger.
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