Expensive food

A full $2 more expensive than last year!
Do you want to hate-eat this $2,000 plate of pasta?
The dog, which puts the $666 "douche burger" to shame, is only available at the douche-friendly rooftop 230 Fifth, and only with 48 hours notice.
New York is home to a lot of expensive food ($666 burgers, thousand dollar sundaes, and $35 drinks to name a few) but does that make it okay to charge so much for so little?
Would it surprise you to learn that Kardashian boyfriend Scott Disick's new restaurant—called Ryu after the "Japanese school of thought," not the Street Fighter hero—serves a $35 cocktail?
Planning on having a nice, juicy burger this Memorial Day weekend? Well, you are in the right city. Especially if you want to pay top dollar.
Clearly, this is something only the hot dog hooker can solve. Catherine Scalia of Long Island, we urge you to raise the stakes and start offering gold flakes with your hand jobs.
For those people who aren't happy unless their brunch is made with the most expensive ingredients, New York's best appetizing store has just the thing.
Mathematically speaking, that's about four bites of food right there.
Any takers?
But it is surprisingly delicious!
A French restaurateur just picked up the world's most expensive bottle of wine, dropping a cool $117G for the privilege.
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