At least Hong Kong, Zurich, and Shanghai are worse.
Everything's expensive.
This really makes that $118.5M Battery Park penthouse look pathetic.
If you plan procreating, now might be a good time to trade in your MetroCard for a Ford Explorer.
Do not read further if you paid rent in Williamsburg in 2005.
1% forever.
This once $7 latte, like most new New Yorkers, has learned that monthly MetroCards cost more than hopes and dreams.
NYC women spend the most on haircuts... but you ladies look GREAT.
Have you got a hankering for the most expensive latte in NYC? Don't worry, because a new coffee bar in Greenpoint has you covered.
It might be the most expensive residential real estate sale ever.
If you don't want to be left coveting thy neighbor's egg centerpiece this Easter, you better send your assistant to pick up a dozen.
Can't Columbia give students all the Nutella they want?
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