In the exhibit’s backstory, a fictional woman has gained resources--and a time machine--and her home is now a collection of objects created by Black people across the centuries, including the future.
'These [single-story] ones are the most vulnerable... Nobody is going to build a new one.'
Items include the original typescript of The Catcher in the Rye, revised by the author, as well as the revised galley proofs of the novel.
In anticipation of the exhibit, MoMI will also present 70mm screenings of the film as part of its annual See It Big! 70mm screening series.
This is the first exhibition to focus on the women of LIFE magazine.
We dropped by as the collection's creator, Nelson Molina, prepared for an exhibit.
A closer look at the New York City subway cars that now live at the bottom of the ocean.
The immersive multi-media exhibit will open October 10th and run through December 31st in Greenwich Village.
The latest immersive Instagram trap is here.
The exhibit features more than 300 objects collected from Bowie's teenage years through his death in 2016, including handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography, set designs, album artwork, and rare performance material.
Yama Kippi Yay Bo, motherf---kers.
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