It's like rats can't even workout on their commutes nowadays.
Exercising the recommended 150 minutes per week "appeared to wipe off completely" the increased cancer death risk that's associated with alcohol consumption.
Like everything else in this city, mental and physical health is cost-prohibitive.
It took a minute, but the fires of Hell have at long last forged a new trend in public humiliation-as-exercise, and it is called crunning.
If you really want to do calisthenics on your commute, maybe you should consider moving to Moscow.
You'll never outrun Liam Neeson now, Bill.
The DUMBO Improvement District wants to turn underused park spaces into exercise hotspots.
"Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I don’t get to explore the world, too," said the adult who climbed onto a rock in a park and made a boo-boo on his body.
Peter Shankman was hardly the first New Yorker to be punished by the city for his devotion to maintaining his own physical health.
At least he learned a very valuable lesson: it is never worth it to exercise.
Now there's a new method of tricking adults into paying attention to their lumpen shapes, by way of elementary school nostalgia: adult recess classes.
From Phish spin class to aerial dance, the most kick ass workouts that you won't find in your gym.
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