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The country's 30 largest corporations spent a combined $476 million—or $400,000 a day every single day of the year on lobbying.

"Many executives were still paid about the same as their peers, regardless of how their companies' shares performed for investors," which totally proves that the system works!

Okay, so maybe not all Wall Street types are fat cats—but

After a record earnings year—and rumors of a $100 million bonus—Goldman

Goldman Sachs announced record earnings today: According to the NY Times,

Sure, there was populist anger over the $165 million in bonuses

After saying on 60 Minutes last night, "I did not run

Kenneth Weinberg, the "Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation" aka the

With populist rage still simmering over the global financial crisis, TARP

Photograph by dietrich on Flickr The Obama administration is set to